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    rhoba-chemie develops, produces and distributes specialized chemicals for many areas of application.

  • International approved chemical special products for the entire aviation industry.

    Always with the highest possible service for safety and efficiency for every user.

  • Safety, Reliability, Environmental Orientation

    The basic values of rhoba-chemie are in business for years lived and consistently implemented.

  • Approved aviation products for Maintenance and Overhaul.

    The basic values of rhoba-chemie are in business for years lived and consistently implemented.

The Specialty of rhoba–chemie - The Aviation Industry

rhoba-chemie GmbH in Bielefeld develops, manufactures and markets safe, reliable and economical chemical speciality products for many years.

Particular focus is on product development for the total aviation industry, as this industry sector demands safety aspects for these chemical speciality products which far exceeds what in the industry normally is demanding.

Worth mentioning is for example cooling lubricants, iron-phosphating as well as exterior cleaning for aeroplanes, polish for aeroplanes, interiorcleaning products for aeroplanes, aeroplane toilet cleaning products including disinfection products,scratch remover and glass cleaner or also plastic material cleaner, toilet disinfectants , engine cleaners, cleaner „ with out water“ so called dry cleaner, and further products, which due to the permanent continous controls from the aviation industry have received approval for use, thanks to the control of the maintained equal high quality.

We are happy to advise you on economical solutions, as as example for the cleaning of aeroplanes, but also for other sectors and are happy to develop in direct and close collaboration with you the desired product.

Chemical special products for the general industry

The products from the company rhoba-chemie, as for example removers of rust, mordants, degreasers, cleaners, delacquering products and products for decalcifying, all these are so developed that they completely correspond to the special demands from the industrial sector in question.The same rules apply of course also to our aluminium cleaners, products for corrosion protection, passivation ,coagulation of lacquers as well as iron phosphating, hot dip galvanizing, coolants and products for water treatment.

In particular areas concerning hot dip galvanizing the degreasers, pickling inhibitors, flux- and passivating agents also fulfill further particular demands, seen from an economical point of view.

Of course we are at your disposal for appplying economical solutions, for example products for car care products, aluminium cleaners as well as iron phosphating to coolants and are ready to engage ourselves in a direct cooperation with you for you special desired product.

A wide range of certified services

A high quality of all products, a consequent orientation towards improved environment as well as absolute safety in all steps in the production process ; all these measures has brought us the Certificate ISO 9001, the Environmental Certificate ISO 14001, the Certificate NLF/ILO OSH 2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Beside this we work since many years in a climate neutral way and bring therefore with our production through this efforts a valuable contribution to environmental protection in the production of our aluminium cleaners, coolants, iron phosphating etc.

We offer for example our whole-sale dealers to produce their articles under their own label when selling chemical products from rhoba-chemie. If so wanted they can also put at our disposall their production formulas, which are of course extraordinarily well protected.Absolute discretion is naturally a guarantee and a naturalness.

We are of course also at your disposal concerning further services, just to mention some examples: our coolant-lubricant service, our service for analyzing various results at our laboratory, in all possibilities regards application technology and at last but not the least: our training-center.

We are certified:


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