Economic and high-value lacquer systems

With the within the aviation industry well-known approved lacquers from Messrs MANKIEWICZ, in particular known for the easiness in using their lacquering systems, also in small volumes, for exampe to small sport aircraft or business aircrafts in the respective shades, you have a very large spectrum of coating systems- and desired shades at your disposal.

Aeroplanes lacquers from MANKIEZICZ are distinguished by the extremely high degree of gloss (Wet-Look Effekt gloss degree AE 92-96 measured in a 60 degrees angle) as well as a high resistance against UV-radiation and aggressive fluids, like kerosene, deicing agents, hydraulic oils, cleaning products, environmental influences etc.

The modern base-coat/clearcoatsystem guarantees a quick and economical coating process.
Aviation approvals from i e Airbus (AIM) and AMS 3095, acknowledged by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer as well as from Bombardier for BC/CC are of course in existance for these safe and durable coating systems.