Hotel and Restaurant

For this extensive range of application rhoba-chemie provides their customers with a wide range of safe and economic chemical special products.

Because of our extensive certification and our year-long experience, these economic products provide highest safety for the treated material and for the surfaces, as well as for the employee. We also offer these products to resellers.

Products from A-Z for the hospitality and restaurant area

Bath cleaners and care
Care products, Carpet cleaners, Chrome care
Defogging agents
Elevator cleaners
Fat solvents, Floor cleaners
Glass cleaners
Kitchen cleaners
Leather cleaners
Maintenance products, Mirror cleaners
Pane cleaners, Plastic cleaners, Polishing
Sanitary cleaners, Special cleaning, Stainless steel cleaners
Tile cleaners, Toilet cleaners, Toilet disinfection
Window cleaners

Due to environmental and economic reasons, we offer most products as concentrates. Handy spray bottels for diluting the products with water can also be purchased from us.

Our technicians will advise you appropriately and support you periodically.