Corrosion Protection

Concerning the surface treatment of metals, various demands are placed on a safe corrosion protection.

These demands vary from a short-term protection during one processing step to corrosion prevention in short- or medium-term intermediate storage in inner and outer areas, or also to a long-term e.g. sea water resistant and tropic resistant transport and storage.

Furthermore, water-bearing systems or water rinse basins and immersion basins have to be protected against corrosion on work parts.

rhoba-chemie provides a wide range of solvent-based, solvent-free or water soluble corrosion protection products. You can choose from dry to oily corrosion protection coating or a short-term or long-term corrosion protection.

Our procedure:
You inform us about your specific requirements.

Then we recommend the suitable and economic RHOBACORR product and start it together with you until the production is safe.

Should you wish to have salt spray tests done, we certainly can do this for you in our rhoba-lab. Our technicians will support you periodically.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information!