Paint Coagulation

In synthetics, metak and furnishing industry and almost all industry areas wet paintings are often carried out in water spray booths.

For these applications, a wide variety of varnishing and coating systes is used, such as acrylic paint, alkyd resin paint, basecoats, mordant, DD-paint, thick layer baking varnish, oil varnish, filling material, primers, hammer metal finish, high-solid-varnish, clear varnish, anticorrosive varnish, solvent varnish 1- and 2K varnishing systems, Polyester varnishing, pigmented varnishing, nitrocellulose lacquer, varnishing systems, SH-varnishing, soft varnishing, topcoats, underseal, UV hardening varnishing systems, waxes, water-based varnish etc.

If defoamers or bactericides (biocides) are necessary, e.g. when water-based opaint is used, please read up on the product group water treatment: biocides (RHOBACID) and defoamers (RHOBAFOAM).

By regular, preventive supervision of the circulation water by our suitably equipped rhoba lab we guarantee a safe production with long water operating life.