Paint Stripper

Incorrectly coated work parts, unsightly painted surfaces or weathered paint surfaces, powder-based paint coatings etc. often have to be removed fast and economically.

This concerns for instance incorrectly coated work piarts from steel, aluminium, alloy, wood etc. In paint shops, these are for instance unintentionally coated unit components, such as tackles, gratings, product carriers etc.

Paintstripping procedures can be carried out manually or by wiping, spraying or immersion method.

There are different kinds of paint strippers of the RHOBAPEX range available:

  • water based hot paint strippers
  • water based alkaline hot paint strippers
  • organic acid cold paint strippers
  • organic alkaline cold paint strippers
  • organic solvents

Our procedure:
You send us, if possible, a sample of your parts for paint stripping.
Initially, a suitable RHOBAPEX paint stripper which is selected according to your application requirements, is tested in the rhoba-laboratory.

Subsequently we will recommend the suitable RHOBAPEX product and start it together with you until your production is safe.

Our technicians will support you periodically and properly.
Please do not hesitate to ask us for further information!