Cleaning and Degreasing, solvent-based

During many production processes, a thorough and mild degreasing or cleaning of various surfaces, without residues, is indispensable.

Concerning degreasing or cleaning one differentiates for instance between:

  • Cleaning before a surface treatment
  • Cleaning before lacquering parts or plant cleaning in mechanical production
  • Cleaning before coating
  • Cleaning before heat treatment
  • Final cleaning

Organic Cleaners – Grease removal (Solvent)

Among the product range RHOBASOL, we provide organic solvents (grease remover), ready for use.

Manners of application:

  • manual
  • wiping
  • spraying
  • immersion method
  • small part cleaner
  • aerosol cans
  • refillable air-spray cans – RHOBA ASD 8000

The following requirements have to be met:

  • genuine product quality with extremely clean raw material
  • free from fluorocarbon
  • cleaning without residues
  • automatic drying
  • no corrosion of material
  • as universally applicable as possible
  • minimum effort
  • long operating times

To fulfil these different cleaning tasks, rhoba-chemie offers a wide range of products syntonized to their individual cleaning task.

Our procedure:
You depict your specific case of application.
If possible, you send us a sample for cleaning, which will be tested in our laboratory with an appropriate RHOBASOL cleaner according to your requirements. The choice depends et al. on the required evaporation time (evaporation rate) and on the flashing point, syntonized to the respective cleaning plants or procedures.

Afterwards, we recommend the appropriate RHOBASOL product and run it in together with you until the production is safe. This procedure is free of charge for you.

Our technicians will support you regularly and permanently attend your process safety by possibly necessary laboratory testing.