Filter Agents

Great demands are made on the incoming, exhaust, and circulating air filtration in paint shops, repair shops and manufacturing companies concerning the inside and industry air. This is necessary to reach a flawless and constantly good painting and surface quality, permanent health protection and permanently clean inside air.

rhoba-chemie offers economic and safe thermally bound synthetic, silicone-free high-capacity filter agents for all paint and drying facilities, as well as for air condition and ventilation systems, which guarantees a near 100 per cent deposition of dirt particles.

Considering this, a dissolution of fibre particles as well as a trickling of harmful particles over 5 micron caused by vibration of the plant, also under changing temperature conditions, is ruled out.

Due to the high technical standard of the rhoba high-capacity filter agents an ideal proportion of deposition performance and dust storage ability is reached, in connection with high operating safety.

All rhoba filter agents and filters are of course tested according to DIN EN 79. Our product range are Fine dust filter pads, Coarse dust filter pads, Pocket filters, Paint Stop filter pads, Special filters for specific customer requirements.

We manufacture all sizes and blanks according to our customers’ wishes.