Surface Treatment

Surfaces and objects to be painted or powder coated require a high-capacity and safe pre-treatment.

RHOBASUR combination products fulfil this demand:

  • surfaces are cleaned faultlessly from soils, dirt, greases, oils, emulsions, rust, environmental dirt etc.
  • an adherent ferric phosphate coating is generated, which guarantees a safe adhesion for later painting and powder coating.
  • a sub-surface migration of corrosive media is prevented.

Our procedure:
You submit us your case of application and your requirements.

If possible, you send us a work piece sample for treatment. First, an appropriate RHOBASUR product is tested in the rhoba lab, according to your process requirements.

Afterwards we recommend the appropriate RHOBASUR product and run it together with you until production is safe.

Our technicians will advise you regularly and professionally and permanently attend your process safety by possibly necessary laboratory tests.