Water based Cleaning

In many production processes, a thorough and mild degreasing or cleaning without residues of different surfaces is essential.

Concerning the degreasing respectively cleaning, there are, amongst others, differences between:

  • Cleaning before a surface treatment
  • Cleaning of parts in mechanical fabrication
  • Cleaning before coating
  • Cleaning before a thermal treatment
  • Final cleaning

Degreasing products or cleaners are classified in two groups:

Watery cleaning systems

RHOBACLEAN products are provided as water-dilutable concentrates (acid, neutral, alkaline).

The product has to meet the following requirements:

  • high effiency and profitability,
  • low product consumption,
  • lowest possible treatment period,
  • lowest possible temperature,
  • lowest possible mechanics
  • longest possible bath moulding time

Pollution of different kinds or composition (e.g. particulate matter, oil, grease, wax, scales, rust, emulsions, environmental dirt) have to be removed mildly from the surface, that is, without attacking the material.

RHOBACLEAN products are applied manually, by spraying or immersion method, in Power-Wash plants, by high-pressure method, by hydroson method or by ultrasonic cleaning. The choice of the suitable RHOBACLEAN product conforms to the material to be cleaned (e.g. aluminium, titanium, magnesium, steel, brass, synthetics etc.) and to the given conditions concerning plants and methods.

The user gains the highest possible safety for their material because of the existing aviation approval.