Customer training center at rhoba-chemie in Bielefeld!

Basic and further training for our customers and stakeholders.

rhoba-chemie GmbH allows its customers a further advantage.

After completion of the customer training center for about 30 participants, we can offfer our customers not only theoretical training and education but also practically, which takes place in the nearby situated new customer training lab for a final touch from a practical aspekt.

“Through this new training center we offer our customer many advantages. They have the opportunity to further educate and train their employees and at the same time increase the level of understanding as well as producing, when better educated and more motivated employees are present in the production process. This brings in the end reduced costs for our customers“, these wise and true words were said by the Managaging Director Bernd Niemann when the installation was inaugurated.

Inform yourself actively by taking a soon contact with us and get more information concerning the many actual existing possibilities for basic and/or extended training for your employees.
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