A decisioning basis for the success for a company like rhoba-chemie to ensure to reach also succcess on the market, is for us the cooperation on a parnership basis with our suppliers. In addition to our own competence we are eager to fall back on the great know-how, the power of innovation and experience as well as the reliability of our suppliers and partners.Together we explore new strategies in order to optimize our collaboration and the continouing improvement and optimization of our products and service, this is our goal, in order to always be ready to adapt our company to the existing demands from the market.

The good partnership with our certified supppliers to create common values and to benefit from them , forms the core of all strategic supplier partnerships.We rely on flexible suppliers and partners,who also set global standards with regard to quality, cost and innovation.

We are constantly looking for reliable supplier partnerships. You can always inform yourself about our needs re raw material, products or service.Why don`t you get in contact with us , this could be the first step to an established long-term collaboration in partnership.

Our rhoba Philosophy

We strive for long-term and reliable business relationships with qualified, innovative and certified suppliers and business partners, which as far as possible follow our strategy and philosophy in order to also realize the impossible from time to time.

The cooperation with our suppliers and partners is always in partnership and shaped by fairness and openness.

We are an internationally oriented company with a high demand on the quality of our products, our work has a constant consistant environmental orientation as well as absolute security in all steps of the production process.