Extensive exhibition for the total industrial area for coating and therefore necessary preparation measures.

rhoba-chemie is also this year present for its customers and other many interested parties with a large stand at this fair PaintExpo in Karlsruhe,April 19 to 22nd 2016.

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rhoba-chemie gives economic support to families with direct help!

Also this year rhoba-chemie has given economic support to families in desperate need with direct help giving effective results.

All the members of the company`s  work-force are happy that this measures were again possible in helping people in this need.


Invest in interesting news and information by wiewing our instruction videos, directly made for users, for the areas decoating and coating techniques.

Different products and handling-ground knowledge

Article  in the JOT Industrial Part Cleaning,2o14.

Different products and different applying- and handlingstechnics demand a need-oriented rustpreventing approach method.

The following article gives you a survey concerning the most important systems for rust-preventing.

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Clean solution for sensitive surfaces.

Article for  JOT Magazine for coating technique, Mai 2013.

Aggressive chemical cleaning products could affect and damage the sensitivc surface of plastic details.A newly developed cleaning product makes it possible to process a degreasing- and cleaning procedure at reduced chemical aggressiveness and at lower temperatures.


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Big success at many industries concerning hot dip galvanising.

rhoba-chemie is now since many years established themselves as a very competent partner regards hot dip galvanising/hot zink galvanising.

Alcalic and acid degreaser, mordant inhibitors, flux,

cleaning products for zinkbaths as passivationproducts

are now included in the program for standard products of rhoba-chemie.Our customers enjoy now the advantages of long time intervals in the baths, the low consumption and the high economy from the products developed by rhoba-chemie.

Receive more information about this under the search words hot dip galvanising or hot zinc galvanising , viewing these economic and secure products.

We are at your disposal for giving speciaal advice for your special applications.

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From 12 to 13 of September 2012 an international seminar was held in Tscheljabinsk”Seminar concerning hot zink coating  2012″.Organisers of the seminar were the “Tscheljabinsk Zinkbetrieb and Zentrum der Zinkentwicklung. The seminar was led by specialists from the International Zink Association IZA).rhoba-chemie took part through its applicationspecialists in hot zink coating during this seminar.During this meeting manu actual and interesting topics discussed concerning cooperation in hot zink coating with commercial partners.

Environmentallenient solution for hot zinc coating and cold dito.

Article in the JOT magazine for Surface conditioning Technique, August 2012.

Specially for these two types of conditioning, there exist new products which do not include diclormetan.These are most effective in removing stable laqueringsystems  and in minimizing at the same time health-impairing risks when decoating.

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Chemical warm- and colddecoating

Article in the JOT Magazine for coating technique, ,November 2008.

For the chemical decoating there are a lot of products and techniques at your disposal.Adapted to the actual procedure, the chemical decoating is economical and environmental lenient, which the examples in our article demonstrate.

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